The different levers of traffic for a web site

In this article, I propose you to discover traffic levers that are at your service to give you the opportunity to develop the number of visitors on your portal. It is certainly the first resource of your blog. No traffic, no visitors, and so… no wages. I therefore present to you to discover what are the 6 traffic levers that you can apply on your portal.

Direct traffic

The first lever of traffic, that’s what we’ll call « direct » traffic

Direct traffic to your portal, these are customers who already know your blog and which are attached. They were able to treat your URL in their favorites on their internet browser. They may be inscribed on your newsletter. They can also be subscribed to your RSS feed if you have a site for example.

Short, it’s visitors who know already your brand or your blog, and clearly are the ones who are going to be your best source of salary, you need to keep a very close eye on this lever of traffic.

To develop this lever of traffic, no secret : you must provide to your audience what it seeks : enticing trade offers, exemplary customer service, a true relationship that should be take care of and streng then over the medium-to-long term.

Organic traffic

The second lever arm of traffic, this is what we’ll call « organic » traffic

Organic traffic, this is the traffic that comes from search engines in the natural results (non-paying). These are either visitors who already know you and who arrive on your blog by typing a query on the name of your brand on Google for example, or who do not know you and visitors who arrive on your blog with a query of key words on which you are well positioned. Being well positioned on a search engine, is to be onthe front page. On the following pages, traffic decreases deeply.

Optify, in a study, found that 89% of the clicks are made on the first page (and almost 60% of total clicks onthe first 3 results only). To develop this lever of traffic, you must first select the blameless keywords on which to settle, and then then work its referencing. To select the blameless keywords, it is important to care professional criteria. Can that these key words are used… Nothing only serves to settle on keywords that will bring no visitors for example. Alternatively, that these key words are not occupied by a competition which will be impossible to dislodge (unnecessary to drop you off on the word Coca Cola for example).

To work its referencing, there is any set of techniques and technical which aim to optimize the positioning of a page in search engines. Divide these techniques in two homes : the on the page (one-page), and techniques outside the page (off-page). Mainly, techniques on the page are to optimize HTML code with exemplary syntax, and also a good use of key words. Techniques out of the page are mainly to cause links pointing to other pages (of other sites even) to the page that you wish to develop.

Social traffic

The third lever, it’s ‘social’ traffic. It’s traffic from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Youtube or Pinterest for example. It can be once again to visitors who know you and who follow you on networks where you are present, or else it can be visitors from what may be called social leverage.

The effect of social leverage, it is when the interactions of users with your content on social networks can give you the opportunity to touch ‘colleagues’ then why not ‘colleagues colleagues’ and therefore benefit from additional visibility. To develop this lever of traffic, it must first be present and active on these social networks but above all, do not set aside the fact the social dimension of these sites. You are not there to clearly send your content but to intervene and discuss with your networks and contacts.

If I had to give an order of priority for the presence on social networks for a trader, it would be this one:

  • Facebook : First social network world, essential. If your customers aren’t there… want better.
  • Twitter : My favorite bit from a personal point of view in B2B. Allows very quick and spontaneous contacts.Much less useful that Facebook in B2C but have an account can be used.
  • LinkedIn etc.


The 4th lever of traffic for your portal, they are partnerships. Partnerships, this can be to exchange links between a complementary site to what you are selling or on your geographical area (association of tradersfor example) and your business blog. This can also be the opportunity for comment you to on another blogs yours during a guest article. Still a possibility is cross-promotion of commercial offers with your respective hearings. A speak b in its newsletter, and B speaks of A in his.

Partnerships that you can achieve must be winners/winners. It is often an exchange of benefits and of impeccable methods.

Some opportunities may be supplied, as for example for link exchanges, but most of the time: should provoke yourself for actions more value-added. To identify potential partnerships, you can conduct research on the internet to reach sites that lie in related or complementary topics to what you do. You can also communicate with influencers who have a hearing or by using a site or on social networks.

Affiliate traffic

The 5th lever of traffic for your portal, they are your followers. The followers are a Variant that is located between a caller and paid traffic. An affiliate gives you traffic in Exchange for a percentage of any transactions. This can range from a percentage of 5% (manufactured products) to 70% (in benefits).

As part of the positioning of a catalog of affiliation, you can be load you yourself by using specific software and in there, either through an affiliation platform who will the recruitment of new followers, size method and the relationship with your followers. Attention, the launch and the animation of a catalog of affiliate require more or less specific knowledge both technical and relational. This can be a winning strategy, just asdo you dangerously nibble your margins.

Paid traffic

The 6th and last traffic to your portal lever, it is paying traffic. There more ambiguity, it is a classic lever: you pay so you get traffic. The exponents of paid traffic are Google Adwords, Facebook ads or the Promoted Products from Twitter. There are other advertising networks, of course, but these three – there are the main.

The functioning of these boards is more or less similar. You need to have a budget of promotion (usually expressed in daily budget). Once your budget established, you will achieve a targeting keywords (Google Adwords) or interests (Facebook ads) and then promote your blog, or even your presence on social networks.


In conclusion, your best lever for traffic, it is priority content and offers that you propose on your blog. If this content is quality, and your jobs are attractive, then you will enjoy already because most of the work. Do not forget that behind every visitor there is a prospect or a customer and you must first serve them by providing value.

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