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It would seem that on the Internet the only SEO tips boil down to this: cause content that is worth to beshared, content that is worth being favorite to go back. So people create without thinking about links toyour site… Now, this is not more inconvenient than it… The problem is that whole field say that, and that there are very few case studies proposed on the Internet. Over several analyses that exist relate to large websites that have invested a lot of tens, or even hundreds of thousands of euros in content creation. What happens when a ‘regular’ website attempts to stand out on the search engines?

For these reasons, I will now explain how to increase organic traffic from 10 to 5000 visits per week in 5 weeks. Any domain can realize such. When starting a website and there is a more or less for reference points, there is a little anxious and we wonder if we do well our work. This text will therefore bring yousome points of reference with regard to the results that expect you when you decide to carry out advertising content.

The strategies I’ll share with you are : how to write texts that your audience (and search engines) love, how to adopt social media to boost its on-page SEO, SEO is not dead, how to optimize his page for nice engines robots and finally I will present my best technique to find what are the 100 links to appear on the first page with any key word! So, are you ready to know the strategies that will double the organic traffic to your website without much effort?

Be (at least) published an interesting post per week.

Okay, a bit of background, my news site is a personal blog where I talk about my passions: e-marketing, motivation and productivity. I discussed my contracts, like that how I did win an independent politicalc andidate with Facebook or what is the strategy behind the Facebook of discount travel page. You will see later if you are interested. Since September, I wanted to start developing a little my notoriety organic to find me a job in the sector and accelerate my customer base. So I started to write a text per week from 400to 800 words. However, at the time where I saw this graph, I quickly changed my strategy to aim between1000 and 2000 words.

The aim is not to achieve just content to achieve content, the text must be both traditional and interesting to read. Personally, I blogged very seriously. My strategy every week is tried to write the best nevertraditional article on a topic. Blogging fast food, quick and easy to read, you will attract a bit of traffic, but no retention. Retention is the key to develop its news site traffic. Besides being hyper solid, your content should be simple and enjoyable to read. Here is the kind of comment you should consume on your newssite:

The three techniques of writing for a punchy blog post:

I have each time been zero in the Web at school, I hated writing. To be honest, I was more or less bad. My texts were bland and boring. In blogging, I discovered three effective super techniques that have completely changed the kind of comments received.

First technique: spark curiosity!

Voluntarily create an unresolved tension, a gap between what the individual wants to know and what sheknows. It is essential, difficult to master, but very practical. More the individual advance in a text, further more it must become « attached » to the text. It is to this that serve the cliffhangers.

Second technique: use humor!

Another important constituent is humor. This is not the fact that the container is serious that the content should be. Give funny comparisons. In addition to making your points clearer, you’re going to make people laugh. It is in this way that you can earn the tweets or the likes! A simple trick to make your funniest texts,make unusual references to popular culture.

Use the narration is also a good strategy to clarify a point while remaining funny, interesting and descriptive.

Oh, and finally, old stuff from copywritting, write like you speak – be informal. The tone of the text must bethe same when you talk with a friend. You want a good tip to get there? Write your blogs in mind with oneof your friends in detail, write it for him!

Third technique: expand your style of author!

We all have a ‘voice’, a tone, a style of writing that we own. Refine your own style and let appear your personality. Share personal experiences with parsimony, it will accelerate the retention of your site.

Update your content regularly

You must leave a minimum of once a week. The results that I could be two times higher if I wrote 2 or 3 tickets per week. So if you are full time in your business, blog often!

Use social media

I mentioned earlier that it is important to make people laugh to consume tweets and the likes. But that is what it comes to achieve in an article on SEO? Although the entire domain is not consistent on the subject,some argue that social indices would have a growing importance in the search results.

Use the LinkedIn groups and Google communities. It feels a bit like a spammer (spammer) at the time where we’ve doing (and with good reason), but if your content is epic, you shouldn’t consume shame to promote!

Do pay people with a tweet! Then I developed a « social padlock » which unblocks certain references when people click on I like / tweeter or + 1 this way, I could greatly accelerate the sharing of a publication, mainly if the gift of the end worth it. Here is an example or I offer 2 models of HP if the individual clicks on like.

In addition, you can carry it out without notifying your readers. It’s like the operant conditioning, but random. People are surprised and happy when they have their extra for the first time. Whenever they will return on your news, ces-last site will click on I like pure thirst for knowledge.

Use a generator traffic

If you want to consume a lot of shares on social media, your titles must be hell! I will never repeat the importance of the title more or less. The title is very important. So important, that the website UpWorthy went to 6 million visitors only by changing the title of articles exist elsewhere on the internet. If you speakEnglish, it’s worth it! The use of verb first-person offers an implicit action. People don’t like not to everytime do say what make. Putting a call to the implied action, people are more likely to click on your link.

Make your website more sexy and easier to share

When a website link is shared, Facebook will automatically take any image on your page. Ideally, you wantto control what appears when you share your website. You need to optimize the cover image and the meta description of your news site to click. To complete, you cause Open Graph and TwitterCard tags. I did a simple Template to integrate there. You will find also all mandatory documentation to certify you that the friends of your friends share your content on social media!

The push to the extreme on-page optimization.

This is not because the rules have changed to be more optimize for SEO articles. You must each time to optimize your text for a word or an expression in detail, however feel free to use as many synonyms which arrange you. The important thing is to write for people, not for search engines, while reserving a little ulterior motive to Google.

How to choose the expression for which optimize you? Simple, start a phrase in the search bar, and let Google tell you the rest! If you write a text on LinkedIn, you’ll have plenty of chances to attract traffic by writing « How does LinkedIn work? A quick guide and a classical model for… »

Cite the sources of your articles!

Another rule, you need to send links to sites with a good reputation. Google interprets it as posing as a reference to a reliable source and will automatically interpret it as if you knew what you were talking about!

Optimize your meta descriptions

It does not date from yesterday, we must optimize our metas descriptions. However, it is not only to write unique descriptions for each of your blogs, should go off. If you are not always registered to Google Webmaster Tools, do it on the field! Once that is done, go to the left under « Search traffic » menu and select »search queries ».

In this menu, file your requests by amounts of impressions and looking under what terms you will have a good number of impressions, but a low of click. Then go to the results of research in incognito mode and compare yourself to others. How can you stand out and present a more?

How to be first organic results?

I did no Link building for my website, but if you seriously want to acquire lots of traffic, here is what you need to do. Go to Google and type the keyword on which you would like to check first. Here, the top ten blogs are websites most relevant on which you acquire links. If you have a quality resource on your website, this is more or less simple, you have to contact the webmasters by saying that it would be very useful for his audience.

Customize your e-mail and put emphasis on what the hearing may withdraw the product. Keep it short, between 50 and 150 words max ! This is not all webmasters who will want to, but you can expect to consume at least 15% of them that are favourable to send you a link. More your offer is quality, more the proportion of people willing to assist you will be high. The era of directories is over. Links of qualifications must be on relevant articles. Fortunately for us, Google tells us exactly which sites aim!

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