Choose keywords that convert

If you have already worked on the optimization of keywords, you already had to be confronted in these key words top that channel lot of organic on your site traffic news, but that ultimately increases your bounce rate and lowers your conversion rate:


The keywords that people are using to can be misleading. To explain the idea, I offer to use an example. Imagine I am exhausted, very tired by the analysis of the data of my clients and I need to take several weeks of leave. I just wish lie me in the Sun, feel the warmth of the sand, sipping a mojito and relax me. As often happens, a friend has just returned from the Mexico and said that the beaches are amazing. Then, I go to Google and tape «beaches of the Mexico.» As you can imagine, I have a large number of results. They seem to all submit the same, then I click on the first link. In your opinion, I stumble upon what? I arrive on a page with a horrible resort south of Cancun. I am disappointed and leaves the news website immediately. Is it so what happened? Google has done its job. The SEO of the pages of the hotel manager has done a very good job. But me, I did not have what I wanted.

Optimize your keywords for readers.

When we optimize, we optimize for two audiences… bots (spiders) from search engines and readers. If we do our jobs well, we write in a way to satisfy the two targets. However, that we have bots to consider, we adopt an approach quite « left hemisphere ». Bots are very logical, and individuals can be logical too… so that makes sense. But if you have some to visualize with the sale, you know that in most cases, individuals eat as much through the heart with the reason.

Think about the reader who does not know to make a Google query…

Let me take back you to la Google search. I typed « the Mexico beaches. » But this is not very I wanted. If I had typed in a sentence that was faithful to what I wanted, I would have typed: « I’m tired and I want a warm place with white sandy beaches on which I can lie down to relax. » Well, after trying and I have no result. (This is not the way how to work with search engines, as a regular user, I know. so even I have an emotional need to meet, when I use a search engine, I do a pre-filtering in my vision of things, the fact that I have an idea of the functioning of the search engine.) And I know I have to feed Google with several details to get a more relevant results. An editor for search engine should perform? I think there are a number of things you can do to optimize the SEO.

Create up to landing pages

Do not compile «hotels Cancun», «Mexico beach hotels», «beaches mexico» and « beach hotels » on the same landing page.Consider each word with care. Understand that he could eat a significant difference in the needs of a reader who types « beaches Mexico » as opposed to the « Cancun hotels. In this case, there are several quiet beaches fairly near Cancun. You can every time for this client. But previously need to bring you answers to the main needs that he or she truly – a place to relax. Then sell him the hotel room which is only a short ride by bicycle, bus or taxi.

Forget search engines robots

Individuals are not the bots. They do not follow logical paths. They don’t think, « Hm, this page is very relevant to the keyword that I just entered, and ces-last did a good job to capture my interest in repeating my keyword in the title of the page. ». No doubt, I will immediately book a room in the charming CroCabanBeach Hotel. « Individuals do not buy with their head. They eat with their hearts.In any case, this is how it starts. We see some, our hearts announced, »I want it! « And then we use reason to persuade us that it is a good idea and it is reasonable.

Write like an advertising.

Then, when you build a landing page for individuals like me who have typed « beach hotels », does not begin with a message like: several minutes from the Hotel CroCabanBeach, this range provides sailing, windsurfing and scuba diving from 9 am 30 to 16 h 30.Except for the bots, and the section « More information » page. If you intend to apply to the emotions, write something like: imagine the warm sand between your toes, a cool breeze going sea offshore, and the heat of the tropical sun on your skin. The best of, imagine leaving your offers and your such port locked in your hotel safe. It seems you not a bit too soft and cutesy? Maybe it sounds one you’re too cynical-marketing mode. « This is basically the kind of message that encourages individuals to say: ‘ Yes! « First of all, you arrive in their hearts. Then, you give them a quantity of ces-latest information need to be putting their agreement reason.

To finish

Optimize the text of the pages of your site with news for the major search engines is a very demanding skill. So far, much effort was devoted to the development of text to charm the bots from the search engines with the aim that they us index at the top of SERP.And it is excellent. However, I think that it grows enough efforts to optimize the text for answers you to the comprehension of the human aspect. I believe that the highest conversion rates are met as soon as the authors SEO have understood how to write to bring you answers to the emotional needs of the reader, as well as the logical needs of Search bots. To appeal to readers as emotional, there are several obstacles to overcome. First of all, you must understand that the researchers préfiltrent search terms.They do not type: « I would like to make a little more money, perhaps part-time at home, but I’m a little scared and have no idea where to start. » They taperaient something like « opportunity to work with you. ‘A skill that we need to build is to better understand the emotional scope of need through search expressions. When we understand it better, we will be able to create landing pages that better meet the needs of the more emotional. Secondly, authors SEO need to realize that the biggest asked on for any decision to purchase is emotional, not rational. During the final years, a lot of progress has been made on the way of design SEO pages, the next challenge is to increase all of our conversion rates by creating pages that meet the actual expectations of all of our readers, by seeking to communicate the right information to the right individuals at the right time.


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