The sculpting keyword

In this article, I mainly talk about density of keywords, but be careful: nothing to do with the ancestral methods of keyword stuffing and other absurdities that the web could see… No, today we will talk of pure SEO in respect of standards, the user and the algorithm!


Densité de mots clés

The density of keywords in 2014

As before and in order to be relevant, search engines still attach great importance to key words present in the pages and use logically qualify them. However today, engines are sensitive to the repetitions of key words and other improbable techniques in order to play on the density of keywords… How to talk about density of keywords and especially keyword sculpting, knowing that it is something impossible today with techniques then have it know?

The standards!

Short, simple and effective answer: standards are there to enable us to optimize this keyword density to acquire still more of organic traffic.

‘ Eh: but what standards?  »

«Baby the HTML and CSS course!»

The basic semantic markup

There are today on the majority of sites of enormous problems of semantic markup, but there are two fully serving their positioning:

Tags (h1, h2 etc) levels and highlighting (strong, b, em etc.) tags used in a graphic goal… what good? Deploy these tags surpondérées in the algorithms of the search engines on keywords useful for referencing pages and manage the graphic aspect in CSS…

Yeah but where is the keyword scuplting then?

Need to return to basics in order to develop this part: now that our web pages use level tags and highlighting in a coherent way, particularly on the keywords to optimize (traffic generators), push to the extreme this ‘keyword’ vision: why not neutralize totally keywords unnecessary to our SEO and who in a sense make noise?

« Neutralizing them?  »

Not exactly: in fact if we follow the logic of the standards and the basics of SEO, because these words are used for illustrative or accompanying information: it would be normal to put them in the CSS (after all: this is its function!)

The CSS would be our key to make the keyword sculpting and optimized our keyword density?

Not really… In fact the CSS will allow us to remove noise of the occurrences of unnecessary words in our SEO (texts of illustration, outrageously repeated texts etc.) to let engines only discover the content and the important keywords for the qualification of our landing pages and thus gain in reactivity in the results of search on these terms.

But then how to put these useless texts to my SEO in CSS?

Thanks to the super property ‘content’ CSS and selectors CSS « before » and « after »!


You do not notice anything? Then select the line above! Still nothing? Look at the source code! Only the word « SEO » is apparent 😉

The HTML code:

< span class = ‘seo’ > </span > SEO

The CSS code:
#seo::before {content: ‘ example: ‘ ;}}
#seo::after {content: ‘for pros’ ;}}


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