Referencing his blog for an optimal organic traffic

SEO is a profession and a science complex, but there are several methods that were proven and that will quickly make you reach first items on Google!

But first, a quick reminder: the referencing is used to make appear the articles from your site in the results of search engines(Google, Bing, Yahoo…). More your blog is well placed, that is to say in the first results, better you are referenced. You therefore receive more visitors, and earn more money.

To reference his blog, there are 2 alternatives. The first is to appeal a facility of SEO with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)professionals, who will charge you a small fortune for a work that you can not directly check, given that you are not a specialist. The second alternative is to follow these simple steps to set up that will have almost immediate results on your SEO.

The technical On-page optimization

This is the step most classic and the more prompt to reference his blog. The advantage is that you won’t have to do it only once.Then your blog will be optimized for SEO and Google will index your article and your articles more quickly.

Install the plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast

The plug-in is already preconfigured and will automatically optimize your blog for SEO, including creating a sitemap, your blog plan to assist Google to understand the hierarchy of your blog and index articles. If you are not sure in SEO, I recommend you change the default settings.

Optimize links

The last optimization is very classical. We will change your links to integrate the text of your articles inside. We can know that among the many criteria for Google to rank your blog, it has the contents of your URL. So we can make sure to put important keywords ifwell to reference his blog.

To be assured that your URLs are optimized for WordPress, go to ‘Settings’, ‘Permalinks’ and check the box « name of article ». If this box was already checked by default, you have nothing to do!

Finally, be aware that you can manually change the URL of each article by clicking on « Edit » in the URL beneath the title of the article, when you edit it. Take the opportunity to remove the linking words (‘for’, ‘from’, ‘to’, etc.) which are worthless.

Editorial on-page optimization

You can adopt all the tricks of the universe to reference your blog, it will be useless if you do not publish regularly of quality content.Google has over the years developed a now complex algorithm whose main purpose is to highlight sites that offer content… quality!

Regularly publish articles

The first Council may seem obvious, and yet it is not to every time easy to comply with. Be rigorous! Publish regularly and preferably long articles. Once from time to time, publish an article, longer than others and good quality. Give you trouble and Google will make you. If you blog about your passion, this game should not be a torture, and you’ll see, over time, you will earn in editorial talent and you take to write.

Use relevant keywords

Position yourself on specific keywords. Let me explain: If you want to reference your blog and above all your articles on Google, will have to choose on which keywords bring your efforts. What sentence typed on the search engine will make back your blog first?

Make a list of the main keywords that will be associated with your blog. Of course, more the keyword will be general over it will be difficult for your blog stand out. Choose more targeted keywords. To achieve both much searched on Google and little used by your competitors keywords, I recommend the Google keywords tool. To track the effectiveness of your keywords, use Google Webmaster Tools.

Optimize your internal mesh

Once your keywords are chosen, it’ll associate them with your blog and your articles for booster your SEO. For that, there are links and anchors. A link is a clickable text that takes the user to another page. The anchor is the title of the text, which has the ability to be different from the URL. Google takes into account the anchors, so it’s important to associate good anchors to the right URL.

To update links that will reference your article, it 2 solutions: the internal mesh and backlinks. Let’s see first how to optimize your mesh internal. The internal mesh consists of your blog links that point to your own content. That is, the links in your articles that point to other of your articles. More content will be linked together, better you will be referenced.

Write constructive articles

Remember to make your live items for the player. Add photos, videos, space your text, put the important terms in bold, adopt tags title 1, title 2… It will be more sympathetic to the reader, and for Google!

Write quality articles

One last thing to reference his blog that should be common sense: write interesting and quality articles. If Google continues to regularly updating its algorithm, it is to avoid the phenomena of SEO automatic or paid and whenever preferred human and quality content. An interesting article will generate more sharing, more links, more comments… Only pleasant things for SEO of your blog!


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