Increase its web traffic

What strategy to implement to accelerate traffic and advertising revenue from its site, enough long term? Membership practices of natural positioning : here are a few tips to improve the performance of its site on two fundamental aspects.


Augmenter trafic site internet

Increase organic traffic to your site

Property reference his site on the search engines is essential for a monetization strategy in the long term:


  1. Increase traffic to his site via the game’s natural for new leads and increase positioning the conversion of advertisements (ex: ad clicks AdSense),
  2. Increase revenues related to impressions (pages keys).

Position the most profitable web pages on Google/Bing

Work positioning of the most profitable pages of its site in the first pages of results is another tactical positioning « pay » in the long term for this, we must for example:

  • Select the right keywords for their web pages the better monetized. They will be used in the URL in the title of the page, the HTML tags in the text (according to the density of the keywords) in the tags, etc.
  • Use a service like the keywords from Google and Ubersuggest generator to test effective keywords
  • Use the positioning optimization modules in content management systems
  • Update the most important pages by adding content regularly
  • Collect links (backlinks) pointing to these pages back with some good practices in order to avoid positioning penalties related to the spamdexing: choose the referring sources varied, preferably good PageRank (negotiate with influential blogs, but not only), vary its anchors of links, avoid the reciprocal links exchange.

Increase referring traffic to its site to the means of social networks

Increase the traffic refer to his site using social networks allows to immediate traffic to its Web site: this technique helps to increase the number of unique visitors, number of pages views and to a certain extent, helps with the positioning of its pages on Google.

Social networks to use:

  • Facebook, Google, Twitter: provide a presence and regularly animate these accounts and pages by posting of the varied and engaging content.
  • LinkedIn, Viadeo, Twitter and Google Plus (the last two with in addition the corporate domain-oriented): priority for blogs talking about relevant news for professionals.
  • YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, Instagram: these social networks offer to relay the picture productions and video of a site, and promotes viral traffic. They are so interesting if monetize you your videos.


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