Continuously increase your qualified traffic

SEO (or organic SEO) is a real strategic asset that increases sustainable traffic qualified on your weblog. Through the work that touches upon an effective organic SEO strategy, we put your blog in the first results of research with effective keywords for your business.

Our approach is used to determine the keywords most effective to bridge the gap between your deal and the requires actual of your target audience. We will thus be able to formulate recommendations for optimization ‘onsite’ and ‘offsite’ of your Web properties. It is a proven fact, the algorithms of the search engines give great importance to these two criteria.

Site optimization

Optimizing the blog (or « onsite » optimization) aims to increase all your blog specific parts. Believed to mainly to the company from your blog, its meta-data, its contents and semantic data that must be meticulously optimized to bring a balance between the demands of Internet users and your content gives.

Our team of SEO experts will be able to identify the main gaps ‘onsite’ of your Web blog and will offer effective solutions so that nothing harm your SEO. Abreast of the latest developments (e.g. Yelp, rich snippet), all our experts demonstrate proactivity by focusing their efforts on what could impact your SEO and will accompany you as needed if readjustments are to be expected.

Off-site optimization

The « offsite » optimisation aims to advance all of the external factors to your blog that improve your organic SEO. The acquisition of external links (or link building) is one of the most frequent and the most promising results off-site optimization techniques. However keep in mind that your blog is evaluated continuously by the robots of search engines: If you do not respect good phenomena, you’ll be punished and your blog will be less visible. Our SEO experts know and respect these good phenomena; they will make sure to enjoy your blog.

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